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Archive for May, 2011

A Secret Job Search

May 10th, 2011

We all have ways of conducting a job search for getting hired. But what if you don’t want your company to know?

Here are Two Ways to Conduct a “Secret” Job Search, by S. Lucas.

1. Think outside the industry.
Many people change industries all the time.  If you start looking in
other industries, the gossip won’t be quite so quick to get back to
your boss.

2. Don’t change your LinkedIn profile— too often.
This is generally the opposite advice for job seekers.  However, it’s
super-duper easy to see who is desperately looking for a new job on
LinkedIn.  Suddenly their profiles are full and updated.  (Remember,
if you’re linked to anyone  at work, they will get emails saying,
“Jane Doe has an updated profile!”  When you get one of those
three weeks in a row, there is no doubt that Jane Doe is looking for a new job.)
Additionally, three “new recommendations” also point towards “job hunting!”

Dr. Sunny Lurie photos by Perkoski