3 Ways to Get Your Ideal Career


Why can some people get to their ideal career and others can’t? In many cases the successful people have
incorporated the following practices into their career game plan.

1) Stay focused on organizations you admire and jobs you really want. If the company or its product are appealing, you will be more likely to push to get it.   Keep your eye on your top 10 companies and favorite 5 jobs. Stay focused on what you really want. Work hard to learn about people who work in the organization or who have a job to which you aspire. Once you find the people you can set up a brief meeting, shadow the person or try to begin with a temp, volunteer or seasonal position at the company. Don’t get lost in the details of looking at “any” company or job. Stay on target working to get inside and meet people who are in your top organizations and jobs.

2) Find comfort in change. That promotion, new assignment or job change looks attractive but the change will take you out of your comfort zone. You will lose the safety and security of knowing your routine. You have to let go of the unconscious fear that you are not totally prepared to handle the new responsibilities or have the skills to succeed in the job. Conquer this by getting excited about your new identity and creating a vision of yourself as successful in the new job. Reflect on the success you’ve had in your previous work. Recognize that you have the ability to learn the skills to meet the new challenges. Those who are able to seek out change will increase their chances of advancement.

3) Associate with supportive, ‘up-beat’ people. Stay around people who will spur you on and applaud your progress. Positive friends and colleagues who offer encouragement can really help keep you buoyed up if you’re struggling to stay motivated during a job search or business start up.  Reduce contact with negative people in your life who bring you down by droning on about the rough economy, lack of opportunities and how you don’t stand a chance of finding employment. Pessimists can truly be harmful if you want to move forward. Instead think about the realistic optimists you know and actively work toward spending time with them. Optimism is contagious!

– Sunny K. Lurie, PhD.