November 25, 2015

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Meet Our Team of Experts

sunny-about-us1Sunny K. Lurie, PhD. is CEO and founder of Advanced Performance, Inc. and its division Fast Focus Careers. Lurie is the author of the book, “Jolt Your Career From Here to There: 8 Breakthrough Strategies for Career-Change Success.” She has trained over three thousand people in 20 years to advance their careers. She is currently working with organizations to improve workplace wellness through employee engagement initiatives.  Lurie designed training programs and guided leaders for 12 years at Key Bank, then worked privately as an active advisor to business owners and employees to help them achieve superior performance. She applies valuable lessons from her doctoral study researching employee transition during organizational change.  The impact of her dissertation, years of consulting  and her own passion to help others reach their potential and enjoy their career, drives her life’s work. Lurie is a speaker, researcher and writer on improving work performance and enhancing careers.

Lurie holds a bachelor of science degree from the University of Texas, a masters degree in post secondary education from Cleveland State University and earned a PhD. in Organizational Systems from The Fielding Graduate Institute, California.  She has served on the Board of Directors for the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO), the American Society for Training and Development, and is involved in the National Career Development Association. Lurie was named one of Northeast Ohio’s Top Most Influential Women by Northern Ohio Live. She has been a speaker for the Council of Smaller Enterprises (COSE) and Chambers of Commerce on improving careers and work performance and has written numerous articles for business publications,,’s eNewsletter and is author of a career book, Jolt Your Career From Here to There.

Fast Focus Careers Director of Online Career Services: Lori Bilder is currently completing her MBA. Lori Bilder Photo

Lori holds a Bachelor of Science in Technical Management from DeVry University and she is certified in the Fast Focus Careers’ Online Career Program. Lori has worked in all phases of career development in private consultation and in group workshops with hundreds of career clients from a wide variety of sectors and areas of expertise.

She has extensive knowledge of today’s career strategies and social media tools. Lori’s genuine passion for her work helps clients gain clarity about their skills and interests and succeed in launching well-suited careers. Lori is also a Career Services Advisor at Kaplan Career Institute. She worked as an Online Career Services Coordinator, Dawn Career Institute and as Career Services Coordinator for the Career Development Program at Delaware County Community College (DCCC). At DCCC Lori also designed and delivered curriculum for basic to advanced computer classes, career development courses and social networking workshops for the Information Technology Academy, the Workforce Entry Center and PA CareerLink.

Fast Focus Careers Counselor:  Deborah Lee is a licensed professional counselor with a Masters degree in Rehabilitation Counseling from Bowling Green State University. She has worked over 25 years as a vocational counselor and maintains a private practice offering vocational testing, career counseling and placement services. Deborah’s career counseling practice serves Fast Focus Careers clients, and she specializes in helping a range of individuals facing challenging career transitions. She is knowledgeable in new trends in the job market and provides great ideas to help clients move into successful careers. Deborah is the Ohio Chapter President of the International Association of Rehabilitation Professionals.

Fast Focus Careers Counselor: Shawna L. Rosner, J.P, P.C., is a licensed professional counselor. She earned her bachelor’s degree from Tulane University, her master’s degree in community counseling from John Carroll University and her juris doctorate from the John Marshall Law School. Shawna is caring, compassionate and dedicated to each Fast Focus Careers’ client, assisting with their individual needs and career challenges during private coaching sessions utilizing individualized treatment plans. She also serves career clients in her practice with Psychological & Behavioral Consultants. Shawna works with clients on career exploration, job search, transition counseling and presents comprehensive job search workshops and leads community job search and networking support groups.

Fast Focus Director of Public RelationsPatty Steen holds a BA from Baldwin Wallace College with a major in marketing.  She is a talented, results-producing marketing professional who will lead the marketing communication and public relations to help grow Fast Focus Careers. Patty is skilled in the latest online social media tools including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. She is directing the creation of marketing  tools and media relations and events.  Prior to joining the firm, Patty was the Director of Marketing for Midland Food Services LLC, for over a decade, a Pizza Hut franchise group, and an Account Executive for Marcus Advertising.

Fast Focus Program Trainer:  Heidi Kaminicki, M.Ed., brings a personable flair to teaching with 20 years experience in college instruction. Heidi received her masters degree in secondary education from Kent State University, where she taught courses in the department of Speech and Communication. Heidi is certified in the Fast Focus Careers Program. Heidi’s talents as an educator, include areas of career management, interpersonal communication, public speaking, English and dramatics. Her involvement in community events and local fund raising efforts, as well as teaching at the university level, has increased her desire to help individuals to become focused in successful career paths through the Fast Focus Careers program.

Fast Focus Business Advisor:  Andy Birol,owner of Birol Growth Consulting, MBA in marketing and finance. He is an international business growth consultant, author, keynote speaker and business coach. Andy helps business owners create breakthrough growth and prosperity by discovering their Best and Highest Use and driving it through their firms. Known for his creativity and his candor, he empowers businesses and their owners worldwide. Andy has guided Fast Focus Careers with his valuable business advice to grow and succeed nationwide.

Fast Focus Creative Designer:  Amy DiMarco holds a BA from the University Dayton with a major in public relations and broadcasting. For over 10 years, Amy has worked in the field marketing and communication. She has designed brochures and copy for websites, internal and external communication pieces, developed print ads, created press releases for trade associations and served as editor of a local magazine. Amy’s talent and vast experience has greatly contributed to the creative design in the Fast Focus Careers Workbook and program materials. She is an active member on the Board of Directors for the Nordonia Chamber of Commerce.

Our Story

The Fast Focus Careers program was created by Sunny Klein Lurie, PhD.  The design and content of the program were a result of her own doctoral study of employee performance during organizational change and her years of research in career development.  She is dedicated to helping individuals focus on careers best suited to their strengths and talents and guiding them to find fulfilling careers.

Happiness at work is a choice. That is our belief at Fast Focus Careers and the reason we educate our clients on how to get clear about who they are so they can  succeed and be happy at work.  Dr. Lurie understands the importance of obtaining job satisfaction. In her management consulting business, Advanced Performance Inc., she consults companies on improving performance, and for over 20 years, she has observed the link between satisfying work and first-rate performance.

Research shows that when employees regularly use their strengths and interests in their job, performance is heightened. The opposite is also true. When employees are not well-suited for their job, with mismatched skills it not only hurts the individual’s performance, it also weakens customer service, work quality and corporate profits. Companies hiring individuals who have completed the Fast Focus Careers program will benefit by bringing in enthusiastic talent, an important factor for success.

There are 14 million job markets, which one is right for you?

Each of us is born with the talent to excel at something. The secret is to identify those strengths and talents, then to use them. Your innate aptitudes remain with you, unchanging, for your entire life. You can learn to play the hand you have been dealt and use your talents to your advantage, says Dr. Lurie.

Dr. Lurie stresses that job satisfaction is attainable for everyone. The key is to get clear about your strengths and interests and incorporate them into your job. Fast Focus Careers will help you increase self awareness, explore the work world, wisely choose a career and create an action plan to obtain the career you want to pursue. When you tap into your talents, it’s amazing what you can achieve.

Dr. Sunny Lurie photos by Perkoski