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Do you need a career change? Are you in the wrong job climbing a career ladder that’s not even leaning on the right wall? Find out if a new career is for you.

1. If you could make $1000 more a year would you leave your job?   Yes No
2. I’m at a point in my career where I ask, is this all there is?   Yes No
3. I am dissatisfied in my current work, even with a track record of success.   Yes No
4. I question if my work contribution is meaningful to me or the organization.   Yes No
5. I don’t often have the opportunity to use my strengths or talents in my work.   Yes No
6. I wish I felt more curious to learn new information about my work or industry.   Yes No
7. I usually don’t have good concentration or enthusiasm while I’m working.   Yes No
8. I feel over qualified and believe I’m not working up to my potential.   Yes No
9. In the past year, I’ve thought the work I’m doing isn’t what I want anymore.   Yes No
10. Time goes slowly at work, most days I’d rather be doing something else.   Yes No
11. I want more than a paycheck I’d like to discover a fulfilling career direction.   Yes No


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1 YES answer: You might consider a new career. (0 score, stay put).
3 YES answers: There’s no doubt you need a career change!
4+ YES answers: Make a change asap, run!
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