Get Engaged and Accelerate Your Success!

Not engaged as in married –- engaged as in work. Think of how happy you’d be going to work each day saying to yourself, “I want to,” not “I have to.” The difference? It’s being engaged in what you do at work. What does “engaged” mean? It’s feeling motivated at work, routinely applying your strengths and interests in your […]

Think Like an Owner for a Career Change

Your actions are all initiated by you. Many career professionals will agree that YOU must take the initiative to change your current career. Owners and entrepreneurs don’t wait; they initiate. They use stress, fear and other emotions to propel their businesses into action. Owners and entrepreneurs believe in an ability to build and direct their […]

8 Simple Steps for a Great Interview

You landed the interview. Awesome! Now make it work. Easily three-fourths of candidates make basic interviewing mistakes for jobs ranging from entry-level to executive.  Here are eight practical ways to shine: 1. Be likable. Obvious? And critical. Making a great first impression and establishing a real connection is everything. Smile, make eye contact, be enthusiastic, […]

Find a Better Career

Tough times can shake people’s faith in their ability to make a career change to something better. In the midst of a sluggish economy many people are staying in unsatisfying jobs where they are unhappy and under-employed. To pull free of the wrong job fit or find a rewarding career after a job loss, it’s […]

Thinking About a New Career

A low risk way to test a new career is try it on the side. Many people want to experiment before leaving their full time job. Even if you are busy, “side launching” is a viable and effective way to begin your new career or business. These ideas can help you get going: 1. Be […]

Tips for a Career Journey

Dear Class of 2016: As you head into the post-academic world, you have an opportunity to focus on your own career destiny and I encourage you to tap the power you have within you. You earned your degree with a tremendous amount of effort, time, and, more than likely, a big financial investment that may […]

Projects are the New Job Interviews

Resumes are dead. Interviews are largely ineffectual. Linked-In works. Portfolios are useful. But projects are the real future of hiring, especially knowledge working hiring. No matter how wonderful your references or how well you do on those too-clever-by-half Google brainteasers serious firms will increasingly ask serious candidates to do serious work in order to get […]

Flexibility Beats Passion, Says LinkedIn Founder

Listen up, job hunters…LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman has pulled off something extraordinary in his book-writing debut. He has challenged a well-worn idea: the importance of letting your passions guide your  job hunt and replaced it with something better. As far back as 1971, when the first edition of What Color Is Your Parachute? appeared, career […]

Should I Stay or Go With My Passion?

I recently read a delightful series of “Life Reports” published by New York Times columnist David Brooks. In these reports, Brooks asked people over the age of 70 to reflect on their lives, what made them successful, happy, sad, regretful, hopeful, etc. Not only were the reports fascinating to read, but they also got me thinking […]

Update Your LinkedIn Privately

Question: I am not actively looking for a job, but I want to make some significant changes to my LinkedIn Profiles so that I am branding my skills and experience in the best way possible. I am worried that my LinkedIn activity will be seen as a red flag to my employer and lead them […]

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