Consider Being an Adult Intern


Ever think about how to try out a new career? Why do only students get to work in internships? I encourage professionals at any age to seek an internship. Such as a short term project with a moderate salary to help a business or organization achieve a goal they’ve been wanting to complete. Offer your assistance and you get to test drive a new field -it’s great, everyone wins. So why don’t we hear about these opportunities more often? Probably because professionals typically don’t ask for a chance to do it.

I suggest if you are looking for a new career, identify a few organizations where you’d like to work and propose to take on a project for 30-60 days for a moderate fee. You would need clear objectives and outcomes and do the best job possible. After you finish the project, promote your accomplishments in your resume to market yourself in the field.  People with the enthusiasm and creativity take on a temporary internship to gain experience, would certainly be impressive and stand out from the crowd.  So let’s go companies and professionals – look for ways to get adult internships going – it’s good for everyone! If you want help starting this conversation, please contact us.

– Sunny Lurie, PhD., Fast Focus Careers