In a Recession Should I Try for a Better Career?

Should I Find a Better Job?

Should I Find a Better Job?

A common question we’ve been getting is, “Should I try for a better job during the recession?” The answer is, yes you should! There are thousands of people who are unhappy in their jobs and afraid to leave. If you are losing sleep over the decision to stick it out or plan for a new career, we can tell you from experience-look for a career better suited for you. Why? You can have several positive results when your job is satisfying. Often you achieve greater success, higher job performance, better health and even happier relationships when your work is the right fit.

Continue to work in the old job to pay your bills and start taking small steps during lunch, at night and weekends to do research into other career fields and network with contacts. When you have investigated and networked enough to launch your new career, you’ll know it’s time to leave for something better. Here are three tasks to get you started...

One – determine a specific career you are interested in seeking.

Two – write an action plan with a list of contacts to meet and places to investigate, such as professional associations or educational needs. Be sure to include a due date next to each task and writing it helps to improve chances of doing it.

Three – identify a support person who is very upbeat and motivating and ask for permission to talk regularly during the process. In summary, yes you can find something better if you are focused with a plan and a support person to help you achieve your goal.

– Sunny K. Lurie, PhD., Fast Focus Careers