April 30, 2016

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Services and Mission

istock-girlMission for OrganizationsHelping to promote a culture of wellbeing that heightens performance, attracts and retains talent and reduces health related costs.

Empowering Growth Program for organizations

Increasing Employee Engagement and Performance

Empowering Growth is a four-step process fostering employee engagement to build strong employees and heighten organizational performance. The program works by enhancing manager-employee relationships and empowering employees to engage their strengths and increase job fulfillment. The program is implemented as a Workplace Wellness initiative by addressing: Occupational Wellness, Social Wellness and Intellectual Wellness. Contact us for information.

Mission For Individuals: Helping to advance into a satisfying career.

Monthly Career Program includes Career Coaching and Web-Workshops. Sign Up to Receive:
  • Weekly email check-in and action items
  • (3) Seventy-five minute LIVE web-workshops online jam packed with advice [click details]
  • (2) Group Calls with powerful guidance and support
  • (1) Sixty-minute private career session with Sunny and expert career coaches
  • (2) Urgent situation calls with career coach
  • Unlimited access to supportive online peer community for tips and brainstorming
  • Email access with Sunny and coaches for specific questions
  • Buddy Pairing System (with accountability checklists)
  • Taped classes to learn from the web-workshops at your own pace
  • Package includes 30% off pricing on additional private consults

Jolt Your Career Change LIVE Web-Workshops online [click for details]
Purpose: To advance or change your career.  Attend a single session or all three. Each LIVE web-workshop is 75-minutes jam packed with advice and activities. You will learn steps to advance or change your career. Each session contains current strategies to explore careers, leverage social media and launch a new career. If your career needs a jolt forward— join us! Our goal is to educate, support and prepare you for a successful and satisfying career. We provide the latest methods used by our career experts to advance your career. For more information on the three workshop series, click for details.

Phone Coaching Career Boost Discussion Sign Up.
The high response for our phone coaching has shown us you really value your time with Fast Focus Careers. Speak with an expert coach and allow yourself 30 or 60 minutes to talk out whatever career issues are on your mind. Pick our brain to prepare for your interview or work on a challenge you are facing. The private consultations are convenient via webcam, phone and email.

Private Coaching: 2 Months of Turbo Consults; Unlimited Email Sign Up.
Your career coach will guide you through assessments and discussions to uncover your strengths and 
interests and match your best contribution with a meaningful career. Together you will explore a range of career possibilities, develop a high-impact career statement for your resume, receive networking guidance to sell and position yourself and in-depth work to build your career action plan. You will leave with actionable tools, a concrete plan, enthusiasm and support to become super-employed, focused on your strengths and passions.

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Additional Services for Companies:

Customized Career Launch Workshop, For Your Organization Contact Us
Our signature Fast Focus Careers workshop is available to any organization or company. We are an easy outplacement solution for employees in need of changing directions. We help all employees looking to enhance their career. We adapt the content from our regular program to meet the needs of your group. Custom scenarios and exercises are created by our expert trainers and career coaches to fit your organization. We will come to your location, or your group can attend in our facility.

Referral Program for Friends, Family and Colleagues Contact Us
Special incentives given to individuals and organizations referring clients who sign up with us.

Speaking Engagements For Your Group or Organization Contact Us
Sunny Lurie, PhD., creator of Fast Focus Careers, and the career team can present customized
presentations to address the specific needs of your audience. Topics involve how to improve work
performance and enhance a career.

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What We Do
We offer a variety of convenient online career services. We provide unique online workshops and private career counseling. Our career experts and resources help you explore a vast range of careers, learn about your individual strengths and interests and view more career options than you ever thought possible.  Our solutions are by phone, online or webchat to help you find a career you will love.  A key ingredient for finding a fulfilling career is self-knowledge: awareness of your strengths and interests, focusing your career on what you do best.

Fast Focus Careers, Sunny K. Lurie, CEO, 23875 Commerce Park, Cleveland, OH 44122, Phone: 216-397-9900


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