2 Must-Use Success Tips from Weight Watchers!

Yes, Weight Watchers, a group that has helped individuals succeed for decades. Their effective methods have produced great results for thousands of people, and we believe these two powerful techniques grow careers.

1) Group motivation. The support of a caring group is huge. Have you ever seen how their positive motivation works? Rah, rah– just observe a Weight Watchers meeting. For your career, find a networking group, a professional association or a career support group with professionals you find stimulating. Don’t put off getting involved in group activities. Fast Focus Careers has a small career group to generate creative ideas and provide motivational pep talks, especially when people are emotionally drained.

2) Become accountable to someone. Weight Watchers calls them “weigh-ins,” we call them “realty-checks.” It’s all about being accountable to a concerned individual about your progress. Be sure the other person understands your goal and what actions you are trying to take to move forward. Such as meeting with a recruiter in your target industry or signing up for a class to complete a certification in your new field. It’s amazing how checking in with someone will give you a push to stay on course to achieve your goal. Whether you’re working on your career at 18 or 48, don’t go it alone.

– Sunny K. Lurie, Ph.D.