Tips for Great Interviews

Employment Section, Recruitment Roundup Corner
The Plain Dealer, July 29, 2003  
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Sunny K. Lurie, PhD., is president of Advanced Performance, Inc. a firm dedicated to creating high performing companies. She completed her doctoral research on workplace change and its impact on employees. Whether trying to gain employment or move up to a higher position in your current company, to achieve success, Lurie says you must clearly communicate the following three things to the potential employer:

1. Convey your love for LEARNING. With the information supply doubling every 5 years, more information has been produced in the last 30 years than during the previous 5,000. You must let everyone know you are a fast learner and you enjoy sharing your knowledge. People who are eager to seek out new information and happy to spread their wisdom around are extremely valuable.

2. Express your strength in BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS. High performers most often spend a lot of time collaborating with people inside and outside the company in a variety of fields. An ability to collaborate is part of the learning theme in number 1 above. One of the main ways to learn at work is through people around you.

3. Communicate your ability to THINK LIKE AN OWNER. Employers want individuals who can take charge of their responsibilities as if they were self-employed, much like an independent contractor. Self-reliant employees who make decisions as if they owned the place, are usually committed to helping the organization grow.
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