Job Hopping is More Acceptable

Long-term employment is becoming less popular in a modern world characterized by: lay-offs, mergers and acquisitions, instant dissolution of global businesses and an increasing dependence on global workers. Gone are the days when employers could expect to have a pile of resumes containing job for lifers with uninterrupted tenures, (especially as research suggests that the […]

Think Like an Owner for a Career Change

Your actions are all initiated by you. Many career professionals will agree that YOU must take the initiative to change your current career. Owners and entrepreneurs don’t wait; they initiate. They use stress, fear and other emotions to propel their businesses into action. Owners and entrepreneurs believe in an ability to build and direct their […]

8 Simple Steps for a Great Interview

You landed the interview. Awesome! Now make it work. Easily three-fourths of candidates make basic interviewing mistakes for jobs ranging from entry-level to executive.  Here are eight practical ways to shine: 1. Be likable. Obvious? And critical. Making a great first impression and establishing a real connection is everything. Smile, make eye contact, be enthusiastic, […]

Top 5 LinkedIn Mistakes

The Top 5 LinkedIn Mistakes People Make LinkedIn can be a very powerful tool in developing and enhancing your career or helping you build your business. There are, however, common LinkedIn mistakes that even the most competent professionals make – and then they wonder why LinkedIn isn’t working for them. Here are common LinkedIn mistakes […]

What if I Don’t Have a Passion?

National Public Radio story: I know I’m supposed to follow my passion. But what if I don’t know my passion? LISTEN to the answer to the questions below… As a fairly recent graduate of an Ivy League institution (with a bachelor’s degree), most of my classmates seemed to have some idea that career and life […]

Find a Better Career

Tough times can shake people’s faith in their ability to make a career change to something better. In the midst of a sluggish economy many people are staying in unsatisfying jobs where they are unhappy and under-employed. To pull free of the wrong job fit or find a rewarding career after a job loss, it’s […]

Thinking About a New Career

A low risk way to test a new career is try it on the side. Many people want to experiment before leaving their full time job. Even if you are busy, “side launching” is a viable and effective way to begin your new career or business. These ideas can help you get going: 1. Be […]

10 Interview Tips from a Headhunter

Whether you’re being interviewed to be an intern or a CEO, you’re going to run into a few notoriously tricky questions–here’s a road map of what you’ll be asked, and how to craft impressive answers to even the toughest questions. No two situations are ever exactly the same, but as a general guide, these are […]

Tips for a Career Journey

Dear Class of 2016: As you head into the post-academic world, you have an opportunity to focus on your own career destiny and I encourage you to tap the power you have within you. You earned your degree with a tremendous amount of effort, time, and, more than likely, a big financial investment that may […]

Projects are the New Job Interviews

Resumes are dead. Interviews are largely ineffectual. Linked-In works. Portfolios are useful. But projects are the real future of hiring, especially knowledge working hiring. No matter how wonderful your references or how well you do on those too-clever-by-half Google brainteasers serious firms will increasingly ask serious candidates to do serious work in order to get […]

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