Harvard Bus. Review, Work Today

Recently published, The Corporate Lattice, Harvard Business Review Press; August, 2010 defines an emerging model more suitable for today’s workforce. At the heart of the lattice organization is a customized workplace that provides agility and options for both employees and employers. Individuals have more than one way to get ahead — and even more than […]

Flexibility Beats Passion, Says LinkedIn Founder

Listen up, job hunters…LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman has pulled off something extraordinary in his book-writing debut. He has challenged a well-worn idea: the importance of letting your passions guide your  job hunt and replaced it with something better. As far back as 1971, when the first edition of What Color Is Your Parachute? appeared, career […]

Should I Stay or Go With My Passion?

I recently read a delightful series of “Life Reports” published by New York Times columnist David Brooks. In these reports, Brooks asked people over the age of 70 to reflect on their lives, what made them successful, happy, sad, regretful, hopeful, etc. Not only were the reports fascinating to read, but they also got me thinking […]

Update Your LinkedIn Privately

Question: I am not actively looking for a job, but I want to make some significant changes to my LinkedIn Profiles so that I am branding my skills and experience in the best way possible. I am worried that my LinkedIn activity will be seen as a red flag to my employer and lead them […]

3 Career Blunders to Avoid

In this down economy these thoughts might strike a cord with you. But beware, these basic blunders may damage your career. Do you find yourself saying: 1- “I hope something will come along soon.” HOPING FOR FATE that a job will happen rarely brings employment.  If you fall into this line of thinking you may […]

Consider Being an Adult Intern

Ever think about how to try out a new career? Why do only students get to work in internships? I encourage professionals at any age to seek an internship. Such as a short term project with a moderate salary to help a business or organization achieve a goal they’ve been wanting to complete. Offer your […]

A Secret Job Search

We all have ways of conducting a job search for getting hired. But what if you don’t want your company to know? Here are Two Ways to Conduct a “Secret” Job Search, by S. Lucas. 1. Think outside the industry. Many people change industries all the time. If you start looking in other industries, the […]

A Clever Interview Technique

Other people’s clever ideas inspire me. In this case it was a guy looking for a tech job who wanted to be noticed above other talented pros looking at the same company. So what did he do? He wrote a song called, “Hire me Bazaarvoice!” and put the video on YouTube. Wouldn’t you know it […]

Face Down Your Fear of Change

This is a topic many of us are dealing with today. Whether your organization is going through change or you have to change jobs, scary feelings of uncertainty are often triggered. People in the midst of change frequently take a wait-and-see approach that stops progress. There’s no doubt fear and uncertainty are linked with change […]

Stand Out!

What resume is easier to sell: a vague one or a specific one? Which job candidate will stand out more:  Joe’s structured accomplishments or Sue’s vivid story of her accomplishments? Specific work examples and vivid stories about your work can and should be an integral part of your resume and interviewing efforts. They make you […]

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