Can Social Media Work Wonders on Your Career?

The answer is, Yes!  I’ve seen social networking increase a person’s community from 100 to thousands of contacts with minimal time and effort. Building a network of quality contacts can lead the way to professionals inside organizations you want to be involved in. People who want to pursue a new industry can use LinkedIn groups […]

Social Skills Improve Interviews

If you’re wondering what you can to do improve interviews, think about how you handle your social skills and body language. Are you likable — that’s extremely important. A firm handshake of course, but are you aware if your body language is confident? Body language reveals so much about you. Actually 55% of your communication. […]

7 Radical Steps to Make a Change

I’m always on the look out for novel and effective career tips. Nick Corcodilos, author of How Do I Change Careers? offers some good ideas to consider. He says, “career changers typically don’t have a network of industry friends, they don’t have a resume stuffed with industry-specific accomplishments, and they often face the dismal prospect […]

In a Recession Should I Try for a Better Career?

A common question we’ve been getting is, “Should I try for a better job during the recession?” The answer is, yes you should! There are thousands of people who are unhappy in their jobs and afraid to leave. If you are losing sleep over the decision to stick it out or plan for a new […]

Find Meaningful Work During Economic Hard Times

Nearly everyone is feeling the economic downturn. As many people are losing their jobs often they are being forced to change careers.  For job changers, a growing trend during the recession is to look at going after your longstanding interests. What a better time to see who you really are and find work that is […]

Coaches Help Move Careers

We have fitness coaches and sports coaches, why not a “career” coach? So follow me here:  If research repeatedly shows 50% of employees are unhappy at work and 70% of U.S. workers are not engaged in their work, then wouldn’t it make sense to talk to someone who specializes in helping people explore career options, […]

Think Ahead One Year or More

Those who get ahead often plan steps in advance. It takes years to be an over night success. Don’t let bad economic news hold you back from thinking forward. When hiring begins to grow you need to be ready. Do you know where you want to be in 1, 2 or 5 years?  When someone […]

Does Passion Matter at Work?

This question caught my attention in U.S. News: Does passion really matter at work? What do you think? Well, it’s probably no surprise that the answer is, yes, it absolutely matters!  It is not just fluff. Here are 3 reasons why passion is one of the best investments you can make in your career: It […]

How to Show Passion in an Interview

How can you show passion during your interview? In our workshops we talk about how personal stories help show your passion. It might sound ordinary if you were to say, “I was passionate about creating a team environment in my last organization.” However, communicating a story about a time you put your sweat and tears […]

3 Ways to Get Your Ideal Career

Why can some people get to their ideal career and others can’t? In many cases the successful people have incorporated the following practices into their career game plan. 1) Stay focused on organizations you admire and jobs you really want. If the company or its product are appealing, you will be more likely to push […]

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