If You Believe It, You Can Achieve It

For the New Year, the writer Jen Grisanti reminds us to find our passion and pursue it– a subject near and dear to my heart. Jen says, for every writing career that I have helped launch, the writer had a clear vision of his/her own success. In the New Year, what do you want to […]

Quick Tip for an Interview

For job interviewees: MAKE SURE THEY LIKE YOU. Make sure that by the time you leave the room, you’ve found a way to make the person like you. That’s it. Two arms, two legs and an MBA, being all fancy and important, are not going to get you there. Make that personal connection. Build instant […]

The Struggle Behind Great Careers

I see the world in terms of people’s work. Julia Child’s work revolved around food and cooking. As I watched her movie the other night I was touched by her passion she was able to turn into a remarkable career in her 40s. She’s a great example of how it is never too late to […]

2 Must-Use Success Tips from Weight Watchers!

Yes, Weight Watchers, a group that has helped individuals succeed for decades. Their effective methods have produced great results for thousands of people, and we believe these two powerful techniques grow careers. 1) Group motivation. The support of a caring group is huge. Have you ever seen how their positive motivation works? Rah, rah– just […]

Strategies to Advance Your Career

For a long time I’ve been fascinated with go-getter types who always seem to thrive. After working with hundreds of business owners, managers and employees in all different industries, I’ve seen three traits that consistently move careers. These success traits work so well I’ve adopted them in my own career. If you don’t already use […]

A Secret Weapon for Staying Resilient

In this job market are you resilient — able to bounce back no matter what your career throws at you? Resiliency is critical to a happy, successful career. I understand resiliency is difficult when you’re losing a job or your company is closing after many years and you have to figure out a new direction. […]

Career Change Advice

It’s happened to many of us – the worry of choosing a career may be an episode of panic, sick-to-my-stomach feeling that can overtake us when it’s time to change careers. So here’s where we come in. We are specialists in helping people find their career identity. That means finding a career that fits “you,” […]

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