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Do you want to change career directions and have a more fulfilling work life? We can help you avoid being 50% of the workforce who say they are not satisfied with their work. We’ll tell you how to maneuver the onramp into a new career and choose a career you’ll love to do.Today’s article covers discovering you.Take a step back and discover YOU-uncover your true passions, interests or talents. When people use their talents and really believe their work is meaningful, it boosts confidence levels, energy and job performance.Most successful people, including Oprah and Martha Stewart have said a critical ingredient to great achievement is passion. If your work is meaningful to you, your potential is unlimited. Career experts often advise that one of the most harmful career mistakes is working in a field that is mismatched to you.

How do you determine which path is right for you? Begin by brainstorming what triggers your enthusiasm and what motivates you. Sit down in a quiet place to day dream a list 20 things you like to do. Then look for patterns-do you prefer working with data, people, things or ideas. You’ll know a particular career is right when you are curious and enthusiastic about learning new developments in the field and you feel a desire to get started. You may discover, for example it’s more important than you realized to be physically active and your work should not involve being behind a desk all day. Or you want to be around busy and loud environments which might rule out a secluded laboratory.

Answer the following questions and evaluate your answers:
– What is one strength you would like to use in your work?
– What’s an example of something that is really important to you in your work?
– What is your blue flame [where a passion and ability intersect]?

The point here is to dig deeper. Discover YOU and then investigate careers that grab you. Get it right and you can change your life in fulfilling and positive ways.

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