Advanced Performance, Inc. & PerformSTRONG Group Programs

For Organizations:
Implement wellbeing into your organization.
Empowering Growth program.

Contact Advanced Performance for information.

Monthly Group Coaching with
In-Person and Facetime
3-LIVE Interactive 75 Min. Online Sessions
2-Group Calls; Private calls
Email access with coaches; Buddy Pairing System.
Purpose: To advance or change your career.

Location: On your computer via web-chat

Calendar of Past Events

Speaking Engagements: A Listing of Topics and Organizations
1/17 –  20/30 Club, Strategies for Employee Growth
1/27 – Social Networking with Dr. Lurie and Sage Rock
1/31 –  Land a Job You Love, Indiana Wesleyan University
3/3   – Getting Hired with Staffing Solutions
3/25 – University of Phoenix, Steps to Change Careers
4/21 – Careers with Dress for Success
5/20 –  Television Interview, Fox 8, Robin Swoboda
5/12 – Using Social Media to Grow Your Career
5/14 – From Recession to Recovery in Your Career, Beachwood Chamber
6/9 –  Radio Interview. Morning Drive Show
6/3 –  Career Seeking, Planning Options: Panel, 4100 Rockside, Cle.
7/15 – Career Energizer Seminar
7/28 – Elite Women Around the Globe
9-29 – Young Executives for Success
10/6 – Mentoring Around the World
10/20 – 20/30 Professional Club
10/13 – Professionals in Transition, Univ. of Phoenix, Dr. Lurie on Panel
10/21 – SHRM Career Luncheon, Rockside, Cle.
11/4 – Young Leaders Group, Career Passions
11/7 – Career Energizer, Corp College east; Using social media
12/9 – Career Energizer, Univ of Phoenix, Beachwood

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