How to Follow-Up On Your Resume

By Herberger

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Don’t rush it

Wait approximately two weeks before you follow up. It’s safe to assume the hiring manager is busy – particularly if they’re amidst a hiring campaign. They will have received numerous applications. Give them time to have reviewed the documents you sent before you start back in about your own application.


The best way to follow up with a resume is to give the right person a call. It gives you a chance to show them your personality, your impeccable manners, and that you’re a motivated individual.

What if you don’t know who to call? If you have the name of the company, chances are you can find the name of the hiring manager somewhere online. If you can’t find a name, contact the company and ask to speak to the person in charge of hiring for the open position – don’t give up quite yet.

What if you get their voicemail? Easy – call back. Don’t leave a message until you’ve gotten their voicemail at least twice.

Call in the morning. You’re more likely to reach someone before their day has become a tangled mess of meetings and emails.

If calling isn’t an option, email or a handwritten note are both acceptable. They will still show initiative and bring you to the forefront of the hiring manager’s mind.

Don’t just ask if they received your resume

This is your chance to truly impress the manager. You should express your interest in the position and the unique skills you can bring to the company. Make sure that you’ve reread the job description and researched the company. Just like your cover letter, what you say should speak directly to what they’re looking for.

That seems like a lot to say but remember not to take up too much of their time. The point of the follow-up isn’t to have an entire phone interview, it’s to bring your resume to the top of the proverbial pile and have it looked at again. You want to express your enthusiasm but be brief and respectful of the manager’s schedule.

Written by Team ZipRecruiter. Photo by Herberger
Posted by Sunny Lurie, Fast Focus Careers