If You Believe It, You Can Achieve It


For the New Year, the writer Jen Grisanti reminds us to find our passion and pursue it– a subject near and dear to my heart.

Jen says, for every writing career that I have helped launch, the writer had a clear vision of his/her own success. In the New Year, what do you want to achieve the most? Do you have clarity in your goals? Can you let go of the past and pursue your goals with renewed passion?

Debbie Robins a career author writes, “to help achieve your goal consider writing a “Living Vision.” Start by having a clear picture in your head of the biggest, boldest, most fulfilling life that you can imagine living. Now, write about who you are and what you’re doing in glorious detail. Do not describe how you got there. You are there!”

I remember doing a similar exercise with a Career Strategist coach. The beauty of the exercise lies in the relief you feel after imagining that you have achieved your greatest goal. During the coach’s session, she had us write down three of our immediate goals. My goals were 1) Creating a successful seminar career 2) Writing a book proposal and 3) Successfully hosting my first Writers Retreat in Hawaii. Since I didn’t have a lot of contacts in Hawaii, I knew the retreat would likely be the most challenging of my goals. However, by doing the exercise, I was able to visualize myself achieving all three goals. After several months of hard work and daily revisualization, I completed all three of my goals. My biggest break with the Hawaii retreat came when the local newspaper agreed to do a story on my event. You can do anything you set your mind to doing if you have clarity of goal and visualize your success.

So, how do you create a clear vision? In The Answer, John and Murray write, “Creating a clear vision is the first step to your success.”

They created what they refer to as the Five Musts:

  1. You must find something that stirs your soul.
  2. You must make a study of it and investigate new developments in it.
  3. You must recondition your mind to believe that you can have it and achieve it.
  4. You must understand how to make money at it.
  5. You must take daily action.

For the New Year, I encourage everyone to create a clear vision, pursue it with a renewed passion, no matter what losses have happened along the way, and make that vision a reality. You CAN do it. We each have the potential to create the destiny we choose.  – Jen Grisanti