I’m Doing It – A Dream Come True

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I have such an urge to tell you my story, a quick version, because it’s a great feeling to love your work.

It was a risk, but I left my job at a major bank after twelve years because I had to take a leap of faith and follow the nagging calling that remained in my gut since the seventies. The personal mission that I couldn’t shake over the years was to provide a real solution to help people figure out their career path. I always believed I would be great at something but for decades I did not find a resource to help me discover what was really right for me. Sure I graduated with degrees and always worked-but so many of my corporate years I didn’t feel I had the right fit. Like many people I tried the book, What Color is Your Parachute. I discovered how difficult it is to figure out who you are all alone.

So in 2006 I knew my time had come to develop my plan and design a program to help people struggling with their career. My program is called Fast Focus Careers and my dream is beginning to become a reality-we are having success really helping people!

Since undergraduate school, I read, researched, and compiled career information and decided to use my twenty year experience in the field of training and development to do what I know-design training workshops. I’m from Cleveland and I designed and premiered the program in my hometown. I’m very excited that we are starting to run the program in other cities; New York is our first and is being planned for January 2008. What sets this training program a part from traditional counseling programs is that we use a combination of “group brainstorming” and “individual coaching” with career experts. Career transition is a tough time and my passion has become helping others discover their own passion.

Fourteen million types of jobs; how can anyone really know what is right for them? We have a solution that helps uncover strengths and interests, stretches imagination about the work world, provides the self-confidence to pursue dreams, and creates an action plan to get there. Don’t limit yourself. Uncover the work you’ll love to do!

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