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Employment Section, Recruitment Roundup Corner
The Plain Dealer, June 30, 2002 
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Sunny K. Lurie, Ph.D. president of Advanced Performance, Inc., a business consulting firm in Cleveland, completed her doctoral research on workplace change and its impact on employees. With rapid change and advances in technology touching down like a tornado in the workplace, she says, the ability to succeed requires more than a good resume and the right degree.
Today’s successful employee needs passion for seeking and trying fresh ideas. So how do candidates convey to a potential employer they have a sharp competitive edge and can keep us with industry change? Lurie offers the following tips to boost your chance for hire. When interviewing, describe your ability to:

  1. Experiment and initiate new methods. If you are willing to find novel solutions for challenging situations and leave your comfort zone from the tried-and-true, you are more marketable.
  2. Be flexible to embrace change. Give examples of how you have responded quickly to changing business needs. Adaptable people are powerful resources to companies accommodation change.
  3. See the “big picture” and think broadly about an organization. This is known as “systems” or “process” thinking. Understanding how department functions connect is also process thinking. It tears down wall and promotes teamwork and better results.

A new survey by the Association of Support Professionals found that salaries for most categories of support staff increased between 2000 and 2001, despite shaky financial performance of technology companies during that period. The study indicated that support and customer service representatives, along with department managers and executives received pay increases of 1.1 percent to 8.3 percent, while field support technicians did experience a reduction in pay during that time.

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