Services and Mission


Our mission is helping to cultivate strong, healthy, engaged workplaces focused on organizational wellbeing in order to achieve high-level performance.

Empowering Growth Program 

Empowering Growth is an easy to implement wellbeing program that fosters strong employees, active engagement and high-level  performance. The program works by enhancing manager-employee relationships and empowering employees to apply their signature strengths on the job for greater fulfillment.

Four steps to implement Empowering Growth in your organization:

1. Planning with leadership for efficient roll out.

2. Training session, 4 hours. Managers attend, then employees.

3. Launching supportive meetings between employees and managers.

4. Measuring performance outcomes and growth.

Advanced Performance, Inc. and our expert partners offer programs linked to the critical areas of wellness: Intellectual, Occupational, Social, Emotional and Physical Wellness.  Contact us for information: