A Secret Weapon for Staying Resilient

2728679996_923e9dd8962In this job market are you resilient — able to bounce back no matter what your career throws at you? Resiliency is critical to a happy, successful career. I understand resiliency is difficult when you’re losing a job or your company is closing after many years and you have to figure out a new direction. So how can you stay resilient? Well, part of it is optimism and another big piece is connecting with people.

I find one of my secret weapons for staying resilient is reaching out to positive people. When you begin to feel your energy draining and your thoughts turning negative, seek out successful, energetic people. Write down on a piece of paper the name of those who you would like to talk to. Email and set up a time for coffee or a phone call. This can even be with a colleague you don’t know well — the main thing is selecting individuals who can help re-charge your enthusiasm. Talk about your career, bounce around some new ideas. Renew your energy. When I’m feeling like I’m about to reach a dead end, I make a list of people who can help. After talking with them it’s amazing how it restores my ability to feel resilient — to feel like I can conquer tough challenges again. Make a proactive choice to connect with others and stay resilient!

Sunny Lurie, PhD.