Strategies to Advance Your Career

For a long time I’ve been fascinated with go-getter types who always seem to thrive. After working with hundreds of business owners, managers and employees in all different industries, I’ve seen three traits that consistently move careers. These success traits work so well I’ve adopted them in my own career. If you don’t already use them, think about adding these strategies:

j0149487_2f5b47501.· Respond immediately, within minutes or a few hours to new contacts, recruiters or anyone related to your career. I find the busiest people make time to respond quickly at least for a brief reply and then set a conveninet time to talk. This is the best way to make a great first impression. Those who wait even an extra day often lose opportunities, that’s a fact.

2.· Always find a way around obstacles. Determination matters more than almost anything. When you hit a wall, and we all do, determination will help you find a way around road blocks. Go-getters aren’t shy about talking it through with people, asking questions and suggesting alternative solutions, and researching new ideas until they weave around the obstacle. There are always other ways to work it out. Think creatively and you will come up with solutions, just don’t quit.

3. Surround yourself with energetic, optimistic people who live life fully. We all know people like this and we also know people who dwell on the negative side of life. We have control over which people we spend time with. Keep some distance from pessimistic people, even if they are close friends or colleagues, they’ll remind you of all the reasons you can’t do something. Stay close to energetic, optimists who will push you in the right direction and provide enthusiasm and strength to get ahead.